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Commercial Electricians

Prevent costly electrical repairs with regular maintenance for your office, retail store, hotel, or warehouse.

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Dickey & Sons

Commercial Electricians

Prevent costly electrical repairs with regular maintenance for your office, retail store, hotel, or warehouse.

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Trusted Electric Company in Chilliwack and the Fraser Valley

At M Dickey & Sons Ltd. Electrical Contractors, we know that the stakes are high for commercial and industrial properties. We are a trusted electric company in Chilliwack serving the area's commercial, industrial, and strata properties. Since our inception, we've grown into a company that has mastered the art of meeting the specified electrical requirements of our clients.


We can service all parts of your electrical system with precise diagnostics, long-lasting solutions, and personalized maintenance. No job is too big or too small for us - you can trust our electric company in Chilliwack to fix a lightbulb with the same attention to detail we lend to a complete wiring overhaul.


As experienced electricians operating in the Chilliwack region, we aim to be your one-stop solution for your power and lighting needs. Our electric contractors have a thorough understanding of commercial electrical systems. If you require our services or have a question, we invite you to speak to us today.

Commercial Services in Chilliwack

We offer a host of services specially curated to ensure that your commercial establishment's electrical system is working correctly. This helps avoid unwanted delays and roadblocks in your business's smooth operations. Some of the services that we offer to our commercial clients are:


Electrical wiring


Equipment controls


Service and maintenance


Motors and controls


Lighting installations


Parking lot and roadway lighting


Electrical troubleshooting



Read more about the services we offer to our commercial clients here.


Industrial Services in Chilliwack

Our industrial services help you keep your work up and running at optimal capacity.


The services we offer include:


PLC and equipment controls


Service and maintenance


Electrical distribution


Motors, drives, and controls


Lighting installations


Parking lot and roadway lighting




Electrical system management


Energy efficiency solutions



To get more information about our industrial services and how they can help you, click here.


Benefits of Hiring a Professional Electrical Contractor

Running a commercial or industrial property is time-consuming. On a typical day, you might have an endless list of tasks to finish. In this scenario, it is nearly impossible to keep up with the upkeep of your commercial electrical system without professional help. Electrical systems demand caution, and hiring laypersons can lead to costly and even dangerous missteps. There are many reasons to hire professional electric contractors like us at M Dickey & Sons Ltd. Electrical Contractors in Chilliwack :


Safety: As professional electrical contractors, we understand the functioning of electrical systems and how electricity works. We can service your system without causing any damage or electrical accidents.


Time: We use cutting-edge tools to diagnose the source of the problem quickly. In addition to that, we will repair the issue swiftly, so you don't have to engage in any unnecessary downtime.


Electric codes: As a professional electric company in Chilliwack, we stay updated with the latest regulations. Hiring electrical contractors like us will help you adhere to them.


Productivity: Professional electricians like us do more than just repair problems. They will ensure your system works its best by providing routine servicing and preventative maintenance.


Cost-effectiveness: Professional electricians know what they're doing. They won't force you to spend unnecessary money by damaging your system or services you don't require.



If you'd like to learn more about the benefits of working with professional electrical contractors, please speak to our team.


Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some commonly asked questions about our professional electrical services in Chilliwack:


When Should I Call an Electrician?

Electricity can be potentially fatal if you let an untrained individual handle it. If you suspect problems with your electrical system, you should call our electric company in Chilliwack, regardless of how minor they are. We also recommend that our clients schedule routine inspections and maintenance services with us.


Will I Have to Vacate My Premises When It Is Undergoing Rewiring?

While you sometimes might have to leave your property when we're rewiring it, it is not always necessary. We try our best to accommodate your requirements and minimize downtime when working on your commercial property.

Is It Dangerous My Circuit Breaker Trips?

While your circuit breaker tripping once is not dangerous, repeated tripping can mean that the circuit is undergoing an overload. If ignored, a wire, appliance, or socket overheating can eventually lead to a fire.

What Is a Surge Protector?

A surge protector is a device that can protect your electrical devices from voltage spikes. It restricts voltage flow in a device by obstructing voltages higher than a safe threshold.


Get in Touch with M Dickey & Sons Ltd. Electrical Contractors in Chilliwack

M Dickey & Sons Ltd. Electrical Contractors is Chilliwack’s longest-running electrical company. We offer services and lighting solutions for commercial, strata, and industrial properties. From simple light bulb changes in your home to more complex equipment control repairs, the electricians can handle projects of all sizes. Book your appointment with one of our experienced electricians today.

PLC Controllers

Programmable logic controllers to increase operational efficiency

Chilliwack Electrician

Fraser Valley’s source for electrical contracting and supplying

Expertise with Experience

Our electric company in Chilliwack has gathered a deep understanding of your commercial and industrial requirements over the years.

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