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Reliable Commercial Electricians in Chilliwack and the Fraser Valley


Running a business is not an easy task. You have to manage a lot of things. But when you hire M Dickey & Sons Ltd. Electrical Contractors, there is one less thing that you need to worry about, i.e., your electricals. We at M Dickey & Sons Ltd. Electrical Contractors bring years of experience in electrical wiring and lighting installations in Chilliwack for your shops and other retail establishments.


We can also help your business manage your power and electrical systems to reduce operating costs and increase power efficiency. Choosing the commercial electricians at M Dickey & Sons Ltd. Electrical Contractors in Chilliwack saves you the unnecessary costs of finding professionals and tools required for the job. Our electricians have a long history of efficiently serving the needs of our customers operating commercial establishments.


Our team of commercial electricians in Chilliwack is hardworking and knowledgeable, giving us an edge over others in offering an unprecedented quality of services. We also provide services for industrial purposes. We invite you to interact with one of our team members today for more information.

Commercial Electrical Services in Chilliwack

We at M Dickey & Sons Ltd. Electrical Contractors provide a range of commercial services that help you increase the efficiency with which you ought to run your commercial establishment. In totality, our solutions are focused on assisting you as you attempt to improve every step of the way. Some of the many services we offer are:

  • Electrical wiring: Our commercial electricians are experts in electrical wiring and can ensure all systems are properly connected. This will keep you, your employees and your customers safe.
  • Equipment controls: Remote and master controls of your equipment for increased convenience and efficiency will help you manage your property without being physically present at every switch point and socket.
  • Service and maintenance: Prevent costly future repairs by ensuring your electrical units are properly maintained and functional. 
  • Motors and controls: Installation, maintenance, and repair services for electrical motors and controls will help you significantly reduce downtimes.
  • Lighting installations: Our commercial electricians in Chilliwack can install energy-efficient light bulbs to reduce your electrical costs. Energy efficiency is the way of the future, and switching over to these smarter opinions today will only give you a headstart. 
  • Parking lot and roadway lighting: Installing lights in your parking lot to ensure drivers are parking and leaving the lot safely, is crucial to ensure that discomfort does not drive potential customers away. 
  • Electrical troubleshooting: If you sense any issues with your electrical unit, our commercial electricians can drop by your property to troubleshoot the problem and suggest a solution right away!

Contact M Dickey & Sons Ltd. Electrical Contractors to book an appointment.


What Makes Commercial Electricians Different?

While both residential and commercial electricians can handle electrical systems, there are significant differences between them. These differences include: 

  • Extended scope of work: Commercial electrical systems are larger and more complex than residential ones. Moreover, commercial properties tend to be bigger in size than family homes and demand more complicated electrical work to function correctly. For this reason, those able to work on residential properties might not be able to extend their services to commercial settings.
  • Power requirements: In commercial spaces, power requirements are much higher than that in residential properties. Generally, commercial electricians need to understand three-phase wiring to be able to work on these systems.
  • Wiring: Generally, in homes and apartments, the wiring is behind walls, in the attic, or in the ceiling. The wires are generally insulated inside the plastic sheathings. However, in the case of commercial properties, the wires run in metal or plastic tubes, just along the walls or ceiling tiles for easy access.

Our commercial electricians at M Dickey & Sons Ltd. Electrical Contractors in Chilliwack understand the operations of various businesses. This understanding allows them to provide you with customized electrical solutions that enhance your operations and productivity. We have served various commercial properties in the past. If you'd like to learn more, please speak to us today.

Reasons to Hire a Commercial Electrician

If you have a business or oversee a commercial operation, there is a good chance that you might have the requirement for an electrician. In these scenarios, you might consider hiring a layperson or undertaking the task yourself. However, this is a bad idea for many reasons. There are many reasons to hire professional commercial electricians, including:

  • Electrical codes: You probably have a lot on your plate and don't have time to keep up with electrical codes. Professional electricians are well acquainted with these codes and can help your business adhere to them.
  • Skills and training: Commercial electricians have the training to handle the unique concerns of commercial properties and the know-how to deal with high voltages. This extensive amount of training ensures quality results.
  • Precise diagnoses: Commercial electricians undergo strict training to identify and diagnose electrical problems with ease. Their accuracy enables them to devise effective solutions.
  • Electrical hazards: Commercial electricians can identify potential risks on your property and eliminate them. This service is crucial to keep your employees safe and minimize liabilities.
  • Time: When you hire a professional electrician, they bring the necessary tools to get the job done quickly and efficiently. This swiftness will reduce your downtime and save money.

These are many reasons to hire the skilled commercial electricians of M Dickey & Sons Ltd. Electrical Contractors in Chilliwack. We also extend our services to industrial properties.

Offering Timely Services

Electrical problems in your business can result in numerous issues across the board. When an electrical issue arises, there is no telling how many employees have to abandon their projects till the problem is gone. For businesses, this halting of operations can be detrimental to progress.


Identifying the source of the problem as soon as you detect it is the only way to get your business back on track. As a business ourselves, we're fully aware of the financial damages during unnecessary downtime. At M Dickey & Sons Ltd. Electrical Contractors, our experienced commercial electricians in Chilliwack can take on all of your commercial problems with skill and have done so for many years.


We provide quality services at reasonable pricing, so you can be confident that you're getting the best for your money. Reach out to us for swift commercial electrical services in Chilliwack today!

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